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Very rare stunning prehistoric/Greek stone with carved horse or antelope L10z

GBP 235

Lovely tiny medieval bronze buckle 1350s to 1500s L159

GBP 22

Very Rare Roman Childs toy horse or votive use artifact or both lovely UK find

GBP 65

Exquisite Ancient Byzantine/Islamic pair of beads very wearable Artifact L29g

GBP 75

Beautiful Roman Solid Silver ornate Fibula part 2.33g

GBP 20

Rare piece of Ancient Greek pot/column artifact with visible round seal m. L10y

GBP 35

Lovely rare bronze Viking earing beautiful ancient artifact from York Uk L465

GBP 35

Beautiful tiny Very rare Saxon ladies Bronze buckle L471

GBP 18

Lovely small medieval bronze buckle Uncleaned condition 1350s to 1500s L139

GBP 22

Lovely rare bronze post medieval 1600s to 1700s buckle slight crack L156

GBP 17

Celtic solid Bronze money rings lot of six large thick type Uncleaned, stunning

GBP 45

Roman copper alloy Ring Part L333

1-12 of 61341 Antiquities results
page 1/5112

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