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Baule Face Venetian Trade Bead Africa Loose SALE WAS $85.00


1 Long Banded Agate Dzi Bead Tube From Cambodia XVIII°


40 Antique Brass Interlocking Double Round Metal Dangle Beads Togo, West Africa


1124 Fine Recycled Phono Record Vinyl Disk dark Red African Trade beads


Black Glass Beads w/ Coiled Copper Caps Egyptian Revival Nugget Vintage 2 pcs

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4 Lewis and Clark Venetian Trade Beads Black Floral Africa SALE WAS $99.00


African Trade beads Vintage Venetian glass striped green hearts


30 Antique Brass Lost Wax Double Round Metal Dangle Beads Nigeria, African Trade


Antique Venetian Millefiori Bead Onion Skin Glass Cane Inserts African Trade


Antique Venetian Mandrel Wound Millefiori Glass Onionskin Beads, African Trade


10 Chevron Venetian Trade Beads Four Layer Africa Loose SALE WAS $139.00


Old Ethiopian Beads , Antique glass beads ,trade beads, 14mmx13mm

1-12 of 23692 Beads results
page 1/1975

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