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Antique 66 foot (4 Pole) steel Land Surveyors (Gunter) Chain 1850


Antique Wooden Educational Model of a Suction Pump, by Tamson, The Hague, Dutch.


Antique Wood Keuffel & Esser Slide Rule 4051 20"


c1870s Trade Card, Tremper's Improved Chronometer Governor (Regulated Engines)


Replacement K&E SLide Rule Cursor Lens for Pre 1954 4053 with "IMF" (4L)




Replacement K&E 4053 SLide Rule Cursor Lens Frameless Indicator ( #4 )


Antique Beam Compass for Military Use. England, Circa 1900


2015 International Mechanical Code


Antique Portable Surveying Level with Original Case. Germany, 19th Century


Antique SURVEY TOOLS Drafting Beam Compass in Original Cases - ELLIOT PITTSBURGH


Antique Trammell Drawing Instrument

1-12 of 530 Engineering results
page 1/45

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