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Native American APACHE Pedestal Basket Bowl VERY NICE DESIGN.APROX 6" T x 7.25 W


Old Tribal Benin Bronze Leopard Pair Figure --- Edo,Nigeria (SD)

GBP 130

Large Antique Native American Indian Hand Woven Basket Bowl Apache Pima ?


Antique African Knife Dagger Sword Beja Hadendoa


Old Tribal Large Bulu Mask Cameroon Fes-Gb1247

GBP 69.78

A Vintage Kulango female sculpture, African Art


Rare Antique 19th Century Indonesian or South Pacific Mask Wood Carved


Benin Bronze African Plaque 10.5" - Nigeria


Native American PAPAGO Basket Tray. Very Nice Design. Approx 6.25" Diameter


Old Tribal Yoruba ceremonial Mask --- Nigeria BN 41

GBP 105

Benin Bronze African Plaque 14.5" - Nigeria


Old Tribal Bulu Monkey Ceremonial Mask --- Cameroon BN 24

GBP 140
1-12 of 31448 Ethnographic results
page 1/2621

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