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Rare Vintage Akua'ba Ashanti Fertility Statue Doll Tribal Hand Carved Wood Brass

GBP 140

Antique Maria Theresa Thaler Coin Ethiopian Pendant Necklace W Antique Carnelian


3 Goldweight Figurines Asante Ghana African Art SALE WAS $75.00


Large Old Tribal African Wooden Statue Congo / Luba - 29"


Papua New Guinea Hand-Carved Wooden Mask With Grass Hair


Kuba Textile Handwoven Raffia Old Congo African Art SALE WAS $89.00


Antique Elephant Bracelet

GBP 18

Vintage Hand Carved Mask from Ghana--horns--


Kirdi Apron Beadwork Cache Sexe Pikuran Cameroon Africa SALE WAS $69.00


Old Tribal Iyun Coral Necklace Ceremonial Beads -- Nigeria

GBP 125

PHILIPPINES old spear with rare tip BONTOC igorot kalinga ifuago lance sagaie


Bamana Animal Sculpture Forged Iron Mali African Art SALE WAS $55.00

13-24 of 31247 Ethnographic results
page 2/2604

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