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2 1828 newspapers CHEROKEE INDIANS in GEORGIA write a CONSTITUTION for the TRIBE


Outstanding Tribal Yoruba Fetish Figure Mask ---- Nigeria BN 14

GBP 75

Antique Oceanic war club called supe - Solomon Islands 19th early 20th


Mbole Funerary Figure No Arms Congo 29 Inch Africa SALE WAS $250.00


18thC Antique 5ct+ Persian Turquoise Ancient Aztec Chalchihuitl Gem of the Gods


Old Tribal Baule 2 Headed Mask - ~ Coted'Ivoire BN 55

GBP 180

Dan Maternity Figure Child on Back 34 Inch Cote d'Ivoire Africa SALE WAS $590.00


African Art, Beaded Skirt "Jocolo", Ndebele People, South Africa


Papua New Guinea Food Hook Statue Latmul Tribe Food Hook


Pende Talking Stick Five Heads Congo African Art SALE WAS $350.00


Outstanding Tribal Yoruba Gelede Mask ---- Nigeria BN 14

GBP 71.25

Huge Malaysian Island Ancestral Carving Tiki

25-36 of 31032 Ethnographic results
page 3/2586

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