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SCHMIDT, Civil War Era Surgeon's Bone Amputation Saw, Floral Carved Ebony Handle


Wormwood Herb Murray Nickell Mfg Co Vintage Herbs Apothecary (J5)


Antique Bottle Apothacary Medicine Jar Pontiled Elixer Codeine Blown


Prohibition Prescription Vintage Whiskey 1925 Pharmacist Doctor Speakeasy Bar MA


Lot Vintage 1930’s Med Pharmacy Bottles & Other Items


Antique Brass Pharmacy Mortar And Pestle 928


Antique Optometrist Advertisement Lens Cloth, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Old AD Book Quack Medicine Karl's Clover Root Tea SC Wells Leroy NY Face Mirror


1800s antique 13" APOTHECARY GLASS JAR~ROCHELLE SALT schmidt's drug store


Clover Tops Red Allaire Woodward Co Vintage Herbs Apothecary Rother Klee (J5)


RARE antique HELENA MONTANA bottle PAYNTER DRUG Co. Smallest 1/2 oz size


Antique Vintage Curette Surgical Medical Instrument. Reynders. P39

49-60 of 23084 Science & Medicine (Pre-1930) results
page 5/1924

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